Weagly Enterprises was founded in 2001 as a parent company for numerous exciting business ventures. The past and present business ventures of Weagly Enterprises includes companies in the following business segments: Lawn Care & Landscaping, Business-to-Business Sales, Online Sales, Retail Sales, Wholesale, Liquidation, Apparel, Telecommunications, Sponsorship, Marketing, Consulting, and Brand Design (Logos, Business Cards, Websites, Promotional Products, Product Packaging, etc).

Our mission is to make our knowledge of management, marketing, sales, and operations available to new or expanding businesses through reasonably priced and reliable business consulting. Our goal is to achieve company financial growth through investments in alternative business segments.

Our guiding principles are to Strive for 100% Employee Satisfaction, Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction, Achieve Company Goals with a Low Cost Business Model, and Work Hard While Remaining Humble.


If your company does not have an internet/email marketing plan or a corporate identity (logo, business cards, and brochures) then you could be losing customer opportunities every day.

If your company needs a better sales strategy, stronger operational policies, employee training programs, or assistance expanding then we can help your company.

If your competition is already a step ahead of you, let us give your company the advantage it needs to be more successful!


We are a reliable and local company, that specializes in those areas.